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A public meeting was held at Tin Can Bay Progress Hall on Saturday 4th September 1991 for the purpose of forming a new bowls club.

The new bowls club was to be owned and managed by bowlers for the benefit of bowls in our district then and into the future.

The acquisition of an area of land from the Widgee Shire Council allowed the project to get under way. An area of the Cooloola Coast Complex building was leased and renovated to suit club activities. This was our temporary club house.

The first stage of the project was to build one green.  How quickly the project progressed was indicated on June 13 and 14th 1992, when the first green was officially opened by the president of the Royal Queensland Bowls Association, Mr. A. Sinclair.

How the green was built is remembered as a grand exhibition by a voluntary workforce of club members who faced up to the odds including blistering heat and torrential rain to achieve their goal. When you consider that most members of that voluntary workforce were in the 60 and 70 age bracket it was nothing short of an amazing display of tenacity, determination and dedication from these old gentlemen and their ladies.

Our clubhouse (as you see today) was built in three stages. Firstly Harry's Hut was opened in 1993. Stage 1 of our clubhouse was opened on Saturday 3rd May 1997, to be followed by Stage 2 in 2005.

Over the years our little club has produced some great bowlers, but our main claim to fame is our own Robyn Fisher, who in 2008 was crowned Queensland Champion of Club Champions.

We value friendship, sportsmanship and camaraderie both on and off the green, welcome visitors and new members heartily.

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